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If you have an interest in the nature of existence, reincarnation, and the Visionary prospect of a better world you will love this read and be grateful it was written.

The Relatable Voice Interview by Lucia Matuonto

On this episode, the RV is headed to Utah to speak with Shytei Corellian. She is many things: a wildland firefighter, a martial arts instructor, a chi Qi Gong and Meditation instructor and has a Masters in Metaphysical Science. She is the author of the book “The Wolves”. Wing and Nien, book 1 in the Leader of Legend Saga.

Fantastic Read! A 5-star Review by Sloth

Don’t let the length put you off because I wanted there to be more. This book is incredibly detailed but yet such a rewarding read. Would definitely recommend.

Excellent – A 5-Star Review by C. Conger

The personal journeys of Wing and Nien are very much tied to the greater narrative. Very descriptive and emotive themes throughout the book.

The Importance of Beauty – A 5-Star Review

It’s a great book, particularly for young adults, that shows them just how important positive things, feelings, and thoughts are!

5-Star Review! Very imaginative and intelligent

The blending of science fiction and the mystic world is just terrific I can’t wait for the sequel.

This book is HUGE!!! Do not pass this book up!!

Do not miss the opportunity to read this masterpiece. Shytei Corellian will go down as a name for the history books!

Wonderful read!! Couldn’t put it down

The writer weaves a colorful tale very easy to imagine and participate in. You will be drawn into the love story of wing and Nien and the survival of their people.

Rich, immersive fantasy with complex characters who go through both inner and outer adventures!

There is also a spiritual depth to her fiction that I haven’t encountered hardly anywhere else, that is very grounded, gritty, and real, not airy-fairy at all.

Couldn’t put the book down

This powerful story of a family and their people, taking place on a different world, is full of richness, adventure, and lessons of what it takes to be yourself, to love, to forgive, and to live a courageous life.

5-Star Review! Unique, fun, and a page-turner!

This is one of the most unique books I've read all year! Albo gives his characters interesting and relevant challenges and explores them pretty thoroughly.

Wing & Nien is a fabulous book!

Beth Worsdell interviews author, filmmaker, screenwriter, and poet Shytei Corellian. She's a lady of many talents and her movie, Wolves, is available to watch on Netflix!! Want to know more? Join us live!!