The Importance of Beauty – A 5-Star Review

High Schooler Alice has been accepted to St. Robert High School. It’s prestigious. All students who attend are gifted in some way. Alice never considered herself gifted, and she doesn’t feel as if she fits in with the other students. She receives a strange necklace from the Headmaster and immediately begins to dream of other worlds, make friends from other worlds.

She also meets Thronos who seems to be God or at least a highly evolved spirit, He states that she is a teacher as are other chosen ones and that her duty is to discover and bring beauty to the world.

Scientists are watching here waking movements and believe the secret of the Dark Universe is in the Necklace. From this conflict, the story unfolds. In a way, Alice’s unspoiled innocence is what is called for in all of us. It might be something we elders have difficulty understanding – beauty and innocence. Thronos has warned her however that without a turning to beauty, humanity will be destroyed.

In Alice, I saw a lot of my own 15-year-old self, learning about life and wishing to explain my feelings to hardened adults who had forgotten their own call to beauty.

It’s a great book, particularly for young adults, that shows them just how important positive things, feelings, and thoughts are!

~ Mary Woldering